SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: effective recruitment

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: effective recruitment
5th May 2017
Written By
Jan Piaczynski
Ineffective recruitment process? Difficulties in candidate sourcing? Problematic recruitment quality assessment or tangible financial losses due to hiring unsuitable workers? If your company is facing these problems, SAP Success Factors Recruiting may just be for you.

SAP Success Factors Recruiting is a comprehensive solution covering both Recruiting Marketing (the process of attracting and sourcing candidates) and Recruiting Management (selection and employment process). Recruiting component, an element of the integrated SuccessFactors platform, transforms the character of the recruitment process into a more strategic and measurable one (from the perspective of the organization’s talent management).

Talent sourcing is one of the key HR processes in the company, and the employment of suitable workers has tangible effects on the company’s future finance. SAP Success Factors Recruiting solution helps in the sourcing and employment of the most talented individuals. Unlike other kinds of approaches, the Success Factors Recruiting system provides comprehensive and intuitive solutions supporting all users at every stage of the recruitment process.

SAP Success Factors Recruiting key elements:

Source the best candidates

  • An automated process of job offer publishing in more than 4,000 sources located in more than 80 countries all over the world gives unlimited access to highly qualified candidates.
  • A highly ranked career website with an extensive search engine, and target web pages improve the website’s visibility in major search engines, thus improving candidate flow at zero extra cost.
  • Instant access to the global job offer distribution network and analytical tools made with recruiters in mind ensure continuous recruitment budget optimization.

Attract and hire the most prospective talents

  • A responsive career web page adapting to mobile devices ensures system access from all over the world, providing candidates with the best application process experience.
  • The ability to build high quality sets of talents, including both active and passive candidates, brings about cost reduction due to a shortening of the recruitment process and selection optimization.
  • Detailed candidate and vacancy management reporting provides the ability to control role fulfillment effectiveness, and to efficiently change strategy if required.

Recruitment process improvement and simplification

  • Effectiveness in large candidate volume management and the ability of its effective processing through subsequent stages of the recruitment process enable fast staffing as well as maintaining a high hit ratio.
  • Recruitment efficiency improvement – the ability to reach the right candidates in the right time.
  • Extensive ability to measure and evaluate the recruitment process.
Jan Piaczyński
Junior SAP HR Success Factors Consultant, Hicron

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