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Michał Guzek - CEO Hicron

Michał Guzek

CEO Hicron Sp. z. o. o.

Shareholder at Hicron, is responsible for the identification and implementation of the sales strategy for Hicron's products and services. Integrates sales processes in the company and supervises its marketing, ensuring the synergy of operations of both departments. Maintains the direction of Hicron's development through further reinforcement of the role of exports, a long-term strategy of creating an agile organisation and coherence between key competence areas.

Katarzyna Sokalska - CFO Hicron

Katarzyna Sokalska

CFO Hicron Sp. z. o. o.

Takes care of the company's financial and operational integrity by supervising all processes relating to financial cash flows, proactive budgeting and financial risk analyses in the Finance and Support Department. Rational management of finance by means of effective tools supports the proper functioning of Hicron, making it possible to maintain proper financial reserves at a high level of operational activity.

Szymon Włochowicz - COO

Szymon Włochowicz

COO Hicron Sp. z. o. o., Head of Delivery

As the manager of the Service Provision Department, Szymon is in charge of teams of consultants and IT specialists. He is responsible for providing services concerning the development, installation and configuration of IT systems for enterprises and for improving efficiency by ensuring the professional development of the department’s personnel and by employing process and tool innovation.


Remigiusz Efinowicz - Hicron

Remigiusz Efinowicz

Managing Partner, Executive Director for International Sales Hicron

A majority shareholder at Hicron, he focuses on directing the development strategies of the company; Head of the Foreign Sales Team; focuses on selling all Hicron’s products and services on the German market and in the Near East region; offers strategic advice to Hicron’s most important clients, especially in the automotive area.

Paweł Kresak - Hicron

Paweł Kresak

Managing Partner Hicron

Managing Partner, he has an ownership supervisory function, shareholder; supports the sales activities of the company; takes part in meetings with key clients and as a member of the Steering Committees; takes care of the clients in Poland; supports in the creation of long-term development strategies; is an architect of solutions in the facility administration area (SAP RE-FX); organises project teams; holds the quality assurance function in different types of projects.

Ireneusz Czapski - Hicron

Ireneusz Czapski

Managing Partner Hicron

A managing partner and shareholder; he exercises active owner supervision. He participates in meetings with key customers, advising on technology (mainly for ABAP), designing the most suitable solutions and creating long-term development plans. He also supports the implementation of projects as a member of Steering Committees.

Sławomir Dąbek - Hicron

Sławomir Dąbek

Business Solution Architect

Responsible for active cooperation with international clients, currently heads the Hicron team in Australia as part of technical support for the on-site/off-shoring model.
He is also a solution architect in the area of finance.

Associated partners

Adam Warszewski - Hicron

Adam Warszewski

Associate Partner, Sales Director Poland Hicron

Head of the team for products and services sales for large and medium enterprises on the Polish market; thanks to many years of experience in consulting and a deep knowledge of the business processes of the key clients, he easily comes up with the most favourable and effective IT solutions for each individual client; he is responsible for both, the sales process and taking care of the clients at further stages of cooperation, constantly searching for optimisation and additional solutions that will bring benefits to our clients.

Robert Stiller Partner Hicron

Robert Stiller

Associate Partner Hicron

Expert in the area of business processes’ analysis; over a dozen years’ experience in business and IT project management consulting in the field of ERP implementation; he built his competence providing professional advice to hundreds of companies from industries such as: FMCG, automotive, industrial production and many more; currently responsible for the execution of projects based on EU subsidies.

Janusz Wawrzyniak Partner Hicron

Janusz Wawrzyniak

Associate Partner, Solution Architect and Automotive Team Manager Hicron

Head of Automotive Team comprising twenty people that provide SAP consulting services for international manufacturers, importers and distributors, and dealer networks for the automotive industry; over ten years’ experience in various SAP projects; wide business knowledge; ability to put the best project methodology into practice; expert know-how in SAP solutions from both, functional and technical aspects, that enables him to be a professional Solution Architect.

Wojciech Stanko Partner Hicron

Wojciech Stanko

Associated Partner, Solution Architect Hicron

A key person in Hicron, where he has worked for over 11 years and has broad experience in every role: as a programmer, a consultant, an architect of comprehensive solutions, Project Manager and as a team leader in international projects. The author of the Hicron Warranty Solution – a dedicated tool for handling warranty processes in the Automotive industry. He is responsible for analysing business needs, advising on and designing top-level IT solutions, particularly for the automotive sector in the field of warranty processes (SAP WTY Warranty).

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