Despite the autumn weather the event brought together thousands of participants

On Sunday, 14th October, the streets of Poznań were flooded with a torrent of runners. More than 6,000 sports’ enthusiasts participated in the 13th edition of the Poznan Marathon – the biggest marathon in Poland. A substantial Hicron team participated and could not miss out on this competition. The event was filled with strong sporting emotions with a happy results.

Hicron was proudly represented by: Barbara Zielińska, Kamila Małolepsza, Martyna Kuszmar, Robert Stiller, Tomasz Dyrda, Tadeusz Gołembiewski, Maciej Szatański and Tomasz Felkiel. Some of our runners had gained a wealth of experience in previous marathons; others faced such a gruelling long distance for the first time. Regardless of this, all of them had one goal in mind – after several hours of fighting with their own limitations – to cross the finish line.

To help our runners beat their personal bests, Hicron’s fans rooted for them along the entire route; waving pompoms, clapping and shouting. This boosted Hicron’s team no end and carried its members over the finish line.

Despite the fact that we will have to wait an entire year for the next edition of the run, participants of 13th Poznan Marathon did not rest on their laurels and will continue training. Sporting emotions accompanying the run also encouraged other Hicron employees; they have embarked on their own running adventure with the goal to take part in the next competition.