The most persevering of the persevering took up the challenge and faced the noble distance

On Sunday, 13th October, the capital of Greater Poland hosted amazing crowds of runners from all over the world. More than 7,000 people arrived in Poznań to challenge other runners at the distance of 42.2km in the 14th Poznań Marathon. As usual, Hicron’s team provided a lot of enthusiastic emotions.

The team make-up consisted of the Hicron’s best runners, including: Patrycja Matuszak, Martyna Kuszmar, Natalia Łaszcz, Krzysztof Kitajgrodzki, Filip Stankowski, Szymon Gałandziej, Tomasz Felkiel, Tomasz Dyrda and Wojciech Maczugowski.

For some of Hicron’s runners it was the first time they had participated in such an event. Others had the opportunity to challenge their personal bests, overcome their limits and improve their results. Undoubtedly everyone had the same goal – to cross the finish line with tears in their eyes. The euphoria of the run soothed any pain and fatigue, and emotions released by this amazing event reached the heavens.

Special thanks go to fans who cheered for their colleagues along the entire route and provided positive energy for the endless kilometres. The encouraging cheering took our runners to the finish.

This is not the end of training: despite the winter drawing close for Hicron’s runners, the season is still open. The calendar of running events is filling up. Hicron runners are already planning their next marathons and half-marathons. Successful runners motivate their co-workers who often times plan to join the team and prove themselves in working toward a goal.

We invite you to watch the film clip from the marathon.