On Sunday 7th April, the capital of Greater Poland was invaded by a wave of smiling runners, in-line skaters and go-carters. Several thousand participants from all over the world arrived at the starting line of the 6th Poznań Half-Marathon. Sport aficionados from Hicron could not miss this opportunity.

Participation in the Poznań Half-Marathon is just another massive sporting event experience. However, the majority of company representatives discovered their passion for running only recently and the half-marathon was for them the long-awaited, first start in professional competition. The route length of 21.097km was challenged by: Martyna Kuszmar, Kamila Małolepsza, Patrycja Matuszak, Tomasz Budzisz, Szymon Gałandziej, Tadeusz Gołembiewski, Krzysztof Kitajgrodzki, Piotr Osiadły, Filip Stankowski and Rafał Szczerba. All of them finished the run and celebrated their triumph at the finish.

Hicron runners welcomed on the finish line with ovations and beautiful sunshine

A welcome surprise was provided by the weather one could say that the runners chased the winter away and brought spring to the Greater Poland capital. Fans stood up to the task and by supporting the half-marathon’s participants along the entire route, they created the atmosphere of a real sporting festival. Spring weather, the cheering of the crowds and the support of the fans brought about miracles several of Hicron’s runners beat their personal bests.

Even though the next edition of the event is a year away, Hicron’s runners, encouraged by their results, continue their training and are planning their next runs. Finger crossed for more wins!