Sporting emotions continue to run high in September with the glorious game of soccer


Even though the winning goal of EURO 2012 has been shot and all the medals of Olympic Games have been awarded, those intense emotions have not left Hicron’s employees. For the second time their team will fight for first place in the Play Friends tournament called Play on BEACH 2012. The event will be held between 7th and 9th September, in Jarosławiec. The tournament looks very promising, not only for soccer fans.


On Saturday, 8th September, teams will begin the competition with sparing games, which will decide the team groups’ placement. Next, the players will compete to see who goes through from their groups. Deciding battle will commence on Sunday, 9th September. At that time the best teams will fight for the podium and a valuable trophy – Play on BEACH 2012 tournament cup.

The second edition of the tournament, organised by the Play company, will feature 10 teams. Will the cup go to Hicron’s team this year? The company’s consultants have spent many hours training, battling fatigue and numerous injuries so that during the tournament they could show their fighting spirit; worthy of the winner. The cheering of Hicron’s passionate fans will provide lots of positive energy while playing on vuvuzelas and swinging pompoms, supporting their team. Fingers crossed they will win!

It looks like this year’s Play tournament will be acted out in a heated atmosphere. To see the soccer teams play from 2011, see the following film