High sporting emotions on the beach of Krynica Morska

Play’s friendly beach soccer tournament ended well. During this year’s edition of Play on BEACH, which took place between 6th and 8th September, Hicron’s team ranked 6th. It was yet another opportunity to present our soccer skills in the tournament organised by one of the largest mobile providers in Poland.

Hicron’s team included: Mateusz Skadorwa, Piotr Sławiński, Łukasz Biłeńkij, Łukasz Leśniak, Marcin Rak, Paweł Kędzia, Radosław Gref, Piotr Basiński, Robert Sośnicki, Tomasz Budzisz and Mariusz Brączek.

The soccer competition on sand has become a permanent fixture in Hicron’s calendar of sporting events with the company’s representation taking part in the tournament for the third time. There were 13 teams in this year’s edition of the event. A few of them had the opportunity to face Hicron’s team during previous editions of Play on BEACH. Other teams were unknown and were to be faced courageously.

On the first day of the tournament, the Hicron players – in a great mood and with positive conviction to settle scores from the year before – entered the fight. They won 6:0 with one of the teams representing Play. Competition was fierce and exciting, even though the subsequent games didn’t go as well. To maintain their hard fought position Hicron’s team had to exert an almost heroic effort.

Eventually, after two days of battling other teams, Hicron ranked 6th place. Special thanks go to the dedicated Hicron team’s fans, who cheered their team from kickoff until the referee blew the last whistle of the tournament. Hicron stood out yet again – the beach in Krynica was dominated by the orange colour.

Even though the excitement subsided, Hicron’s players are planning for next year. Preparations for the next season have already begun. We want to get to the podium in the 4th edition – Hicron players comment.


See the PLAYonBEACH tournament film report.