Open-air sailing competition or Ahoy, here we come!

The last day of August gave Hicron’s team an opportunity to test themselves in the foreign land of a sailing regatta, organised for the friends of the Play company. 39 yachts representing various companies from the IT and telecom industry took part in the event. Hicron’s team as usual thrilled the crowds and provided an unforgettable experience.

Hicron’s team (in the form of two crews) included: Martyna Kuszmar, Beata Janik, Michał Sasiński, Marcin Oko, Tomasz Friebe, Paweł Jordan, Michał Matyjaszczyk, Bartosz Jaśkowski and Przemysław Kabała.

Both Hicron yachts, under the watchful eyes of skippers – Michał Sasiński and Paweł Jordan, ranked 18th and 24th. Battling with the elements was an exciting adventure. A couple of yachts capsized and did not finish the race. Hicron teams, with no regard for the stormy weather and hard conditions, continued to defeat their rivals leaving them in their wake

Some of us faced the wrath of the sea for the first time. Even though it was a new experience, we proved again that Hicron’s teams never yield easily. Determination to reach the goal was why we stood out – Hicron employees commented.

Visually, Hicron’s teams also stood out – the company’s colours and livery dominated the Play with Friends regatta. Hicron’s logo proudly fluttering on the snow-white sails could be seen on Puck Bay.

Hicron’s cheering fans, as usual, poured a lot of positive energy into the tournament and etched it in everyone’s memory. They followed teams through entire competition singing sailing songs through megaphones. This seashore event featured a shanties band which played shanties from dawn till dusk.

Battling with the sea provided unforgettable memories, we fell in love with the adventure of the sea and we plan to continue this adventure next year – Hicron’s teams ensure.

We invite you to watch the regatta film! The video report can be found on Hicron’s YouTube channel.