Inter-industry indoor football tournament featuring a representation from Hicron’s

VIII Inter-industry Polish Company and Workplace Indoor Football Championships held on 9th and 10th March in Krakow provided the spectators with some incredible emotions. It’s the largest event of this kind in Poland. Hicron’s team simply couldn’t miss it.

This year a record number of teams announced their participation. An astonishing 78 teams took part in this event. To determine the winner 253 tournament games had to be held! Hicron’s team included: Radosław Gref, Filip Stankowski, Robert Sośnicki, Łukasz Leśniak, Piotr Basiński, Paweł Kędzia, Mateusz Skadorwa, Jacek Owocki, Janusz Wawrzyniak, Mariusz Brączek, Wojciech Neska and Łukasz Biłeńkij.

Real sporting emotions and good fun

Advancement to the next stage of the championships was decided in matches held on the first day of tournament – competition was fierce from the get go. Hicron’s team faced the strong teams of Sadowniki Grójec, VSoft Kraków, Carboautomatyka and TVP, setting fans’ hearts racing. Despite the fact that Hicron’s efforts did not come to fruition and they did not advance to the next stage, shots on target and precise passes made them a dangerous foe fighting to the last breath. Hicron’s dedicated fans certainly left an incredible impression on the tournament participants as they dominated the stands screaming until their throats hurt and waving pompoms.

And the winner is..

Two days of fierce fighting brought victory and the Polish Champion title to Kolporter’s team. Congratulations!
VIII Inter-industry Polish Company and Workplace Indoor Football Championships went down the history. Indoor football enthusiasts in Hicron are confidently facing the future and continue their training in preparation for the next sporting event.