Can exploring the sky for an hour improve your business?
But only if you look at the night sky
with a group of experienced IT experts!

Both your company and vast space hold countless amazements: possibilities and chances, usually well-hidden and just waiting to be discovered.

Of course, you could keep admiring it from the ground. But why be passive when you can take the next step?

Explore your possibilities with Hicron’s specialists. Do not hesitate: it takes only one hour and does not cost you even a penny!


What is the Great Square workshop?

Great Square is an hour-long workshop, where IT experts discuss four areas of your company. Each area is symbolized by one star:

  • business – your industry, products, short- and long-term plans;
  • technology – your tech stack, architecture and scalability;
  • processes – your methodology and developing style;
  • quality – your approach to tests and your coding practices.

Software developers and cloud specialists from Hicron meet online with experts from your company. They will search together the best way for you to improve or expand. After the workshop, we will provide you with our conclusions and suggestions. Our task is to point you in the right direction to discover possibilities awaiting you in your business space.


Where are we coming from?

The idea came up straight from the night sky. On a northern hemisphere, there are four bright stars, making Great Square of Pegasus. If you find them, it is easy from there to see constellations such as Pegasus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia or Pisces. Great Square is a signpost, showing the way to many hidden wonders of the cosmos.

If you look at your own company, considering its four areas – stars – you notice all possibilities and chances awaiting you. Use our questions and suggestions to find the right direction to progress!


Take it a step further – start exploring the space!

With Hicron, you discover a vast space of possibilities and chances for your business.

After the Great Square workshop, you receive directions and tips from us. We tell you what regularities we had noticed and what are our suggestions. You get from us tips how to proceed – in every area we discussed.

In other words: you get your own business space map, which puts you on the right track to success!


Make the first step towards gaining a competitive edge. Day has only so many hours, so we will not be able to make more than a few meetings per day. Fill the form below and secure your reservation now!


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