Choosing a partner supporting an ERP system is a serious decision, which is influenced by many factors, such as experience or costs generated by the service provider. However, rarely enough is said about another important aspect. Why choosing a service partner worth synchronizing watches?


Global IT Village

According to the GUS research for 2019, 28.5 percent. The company uses ERP class systems in Poland. The situation improves when we specify the search criteria. Among enterprises employing over 250 people, this percentage increases to 87.3. Besides, Poland remains lag behind, taking the sixth place from the end among the European Union countries.

Although we are willing to contribute to the improvement of these results also in our country, in the case of companies implementing and maintaining SAP systems, the limits are not the decisive construct

explains Szymon Włochowicz, COO Hicron.

Using a term coined by Canadian communications theorist McLuhan, IT solutions breakdown time and space barriers to a similar degree as electronic media, transforming the entire world into a global village.


ERP in pursuit of time

McLuhan mentioned the space-time aspects and this is what ERP system maintenance specialists need to pay attention to. – There are many situations, both in international companies and those working in one country, but for a few shifts, in which support is necessary for the 24/5 or 24/7 model – explains Szymon Włochowicz. – You have to realize that when we have a night in a European country, at the same time in Australia it’s midday.

If a company operates in both latitudes, its supporting partner system should never sleep. The Hicron expert also draws attention to the difficulties that arise when key business processes in the company take place outside the working hours of the company’s administration. – For example, in companies supplying products for final assembly in the automotive industry, logistics processes that are a priority for the end customer are most often carried out at night. The system support service at this time may be necessary – explains Włochowicz.


Eight hours is not enough… and too expensive

Even if the company works for one or two shifts, there are situations when extra hours of system service work are necessary. This happens in the case of various failures or planned, periodic works such as inventories. – It must be remembered that the company supporting the system may agree to provide extra services. But they will be priced as a single order, and thus much more expensive – explains COO Hicron. – By choosing the 24/5 or 24/7 model, the client can be sure that every exceptional situation on his company’s system will take place under the care of a partner. It gives a sense of security, but also the certainty that the costs will not surprise anyone.

There is a lot of talk about system implementations. It is often a fundamental change in the way a company works, thus it is widely discussed and arouses a full spectrum of emotions.

However, after the decision to implement and launch new solutions, the time comes for everyday use. – Choosing a partner responsible for the maintenance of the ERP system is important.

Regardless of the time, support during all key processes of the company is necessary. The smooth operation of the entire business depends on the competence and quick responsiveness of the partner – explains Włochowicz.


Article published first in Gazeta Finansowa.