A package of the best business practices

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a package of the best business practices with a short implementation time and strictly defined project costs. 

Best practices

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS) is SAP’s response to customer demand for effective business solutions that can be implemented fast. The concept originates from the SAP Business All-in-One implementation projects. The core of these ready industrial solutions lies in their transparency. The price, functional scope and duration of the project are settled in advance. The secret of the short duration of the implementation lies in the pre-configuration of the system according to the best industrial or functional practices. Companies from the food, dairy, publishing, metal processing and cosmetic industry share similar processes. Accounting, controlling, production, purchasing or sales are also carried out in a similar manner. Hence, when very specific functionalities from the rich portfolio of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions need to be implemented, you can choose the required modules, bearing in mind that, in the future, you can invest in additional SAP RDS packages or in full-scale system development.

Fast and efficient

Companies from the SME sector gain specific basic advantages by choosing SAP RDS. First of all, the cost of the project is considerably lower than the cost of a typical implementation, and the time is strictly defined. Furthermore, work does not begin from a blank piece of paper – there’s no need to design the system from scratch. The solution encompasses the functionalities already used, i.e., good business practices. Drawing on their international experience, SAP and its partners have developed solutions that contain a set of the most frequently applied processes in companies from different industry sectors.

RDS for retail

Considering the business needs of distribution and trading companies, Hicron has prepared SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) + POS (Point of Sale). These solutions have pre-configured business processes that are characteristic for areas such as production, purchasing, sales and accounting, additionally complemented by functionalities supporting retail sales (POS).

Such a combination of ERP and POS functions in an IT system allows companies to analyze the market in a reliable and thorough manner, and flexibly adapt their product line to demand. The experience of Hicron customers shows that the application of these solutions leads to increased turnover, and hence, improved economic performance.

One of Hicron’s clients from the SME sector, who has the SAP and POS solutions implemented, is Piekarnia Nowakowski and Nowakowski Sklepy. Please, take a look at the history of this client’s success below.