The automotive market is changing dynamically – and due to the global coronavirus epidemic, the pace of change has accelerated even more. Potential customers not only expect fast and mobile access to full information about the product. Nowadays, they make their purchasing decisions faster, and that when they are unable to perform full online activities, they often give up. After the times of the ROPO trend (research online, purchase offline), sales are shifting to online – even for complex products, like cars and automotive services. It can be an opportunity for companies in this industry. Using low-touch sales trend properly will allow your company to stay ahead of the competition and increase sales, despite difficult times.


Contactless car sales


Consumers are increasingly adopting to shop online. This trend does not bypass the automotive industry. Companies should ensure that they provide the potential customer with full product experience to convince them of the product. At a time, when people are forced to limit all direct contacts as much as possible and make quick decisions using the screens of our devices, the solution to meet consumer expectations is a low-touch sales approach. In recent past most of the companies have already ensured that full product information is available online, what shall lead the customer to the dealer’s salon. Now it’s the time for automotive corporations to give the consumer a chance to finalize his purchasing decision online. In the next step the delivery process will be also conducted away from the traditional dealership building in order to limit the contact even more.


A tailored offer, a wide range of services


Buying a car is not a decision that is made impulsively and on the spur of the moment. The current economic situation means that flexible, customer-tailored, and scalable offers are particularly popular. One of the opportunities for the automotive market that uses the low-touch sales trend can be the online appointment of test drives, online sale of pre-configured service packages, complete inspections or even the introduction of a video call system for car presentation with a dealer representative. Such activities will certainly turn into filling the CRM database with potential clients. Ultimately, this can help identify the clients in online world and modify the offer presented by analyzing behavioral data.


The products offered and sold by the automotive brands online must not be limited to cars only. In order to achieve full online experience for the customer the brand site must be a one-stop-shop for everything that is related to car sales. All the surrounding complementary products must be covered: financing, insurance, maintenance plans, etc. Also, a wide range of additional accessories shall be offered. In order to ensure the highest possible revenue generation for the brand, the online system of automotive brand shall resemble modern e-commerce solutions with the use of high-end ecommerce concepts like lead generation, customer profiling, personalization and other.


Online and offline: complementary automotive worlds


In the era of proliferating e-commerce solutions the automotive brans shall focus on expanding the online channel but shall not forget about offline. In particular the online and offline worlds must be interconnected. For example, if the customer is making an appointment at the dealership after configuring a specific car, the sales representative shall start with the details of the exact configuration that was prepared by the customer online.


Such advanced use of online tools will enforce profound changes in the car sales process. The role of dealerships in the new sales model might change, however the exact direction of the change is still to be found. some of the dealers will specialize as points of fist offline contact that conduct test drives and competent consulting before buying decisions, others might concentrate on conducting the delivery of the cars bought online and ensuring that the customer has the best possible experience with the car. Yet another might specialize in aftersales activities by providing the best possible service.


Low-touch sales: trend worth following


The general direction for the automotive industry is that more and more elements of the process would be done online. The customer will expect that they not only gather information about the product but also that they will be able to make decisions and eventually buy the product online.


A scenario is quite possible that a person makes a buying decision after reading reviews on the Internet and driving a particular car model as a rented car. Such a person does not need a visit to the dealer, especially in the times of the pandemic! They know what they want and will buy it if someone gives them a chance.


The online and ecommerce systems of the automotive industry must support this trend. Hicron knows the latest trends in the area of digitalization and can help companies adapt to the following reality. Talk to our expert about the possibilities for your company related to low-touch sales! Fill out the form, and our consultant will contact you shortly.