HICRON Fiori for Automotive components provides Automotive industry-specific functionalities enabling Vehicle, Parts and Warranty Claims processes to be managed using the latest SAP S/4HANA related technologies, i.e. SAP FIORI UX and Embedded Analytics.

In this article we briefly present HICRON’s FIORI apps, enabling processing of SAP Warranty Claims by both one’s own employees and external partners such as dealers. Using the latest SAP User Experience technologies, the warranty business can be managed in a flexible, simple and convenient manner, significantly increasing process efficiency.

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Business Scenario

The main goal of Hicron solution is to enable processing of the complete SAP WTY module through FIORI in such a way that both company employees and external partners are able to benefit from the newest interface and technologies.

An exemplary business case for the automotive importer <-> dealer scenario is the creation of a warranty claim after vehicle repair. SAP FIORI is used as a portal through which the Dealer is able to access and communicate with the Importer’s backend SAP system. The Warranty employee can use the Create Claim application on his smartphone or tablet and submit a warranty claim to the distributor within minutes after the actual repair. The Dealer’s employee selects the car which has just been repaired and then, in a few simple steps, a warranty claim is created and submitted to the distributor. The Intuitive FIORI application presents all recall campaigns which affect the selected vehicle, a catalogue of available labour operations with linked operation times and also a spare parts list.


Moreover, live pricing information is shown so the dealer immediately sees claimed reimbursement amounts for each item. Then a summary of entered data is presented, where the dealer can check whether claim information is complete and correct. With a set of VSR/BRF+ validations, the system verifies car mileage, previous WTY claims created for the same vehicle, the combination of labour operations & claimed spare parts and any other business rule which needs to be verified before the distributor accepts the WTY Claim. Everything works in real-time with the backend SAP system, updating and presenting live data from the SAP WTY module. Of course, apart from the mobile scenario, the FIORI application can be also used on desktop computers, significantly accelerating the Warranty Claim creation time, and minimizing erroneous data at the same time.

Additionally, using Embedded Analytic tools dedicated for FIORI claim reports, work-lists are implemented. Time-critical content is provided to the users, presenting a number of claims currently requiring their attention, e.g. required amendment, manual claim approval. The clear presentation of warranty data, user-friendly design and possibility to perform actions on multiple warranty claims at once – all this empowers employees to make better and faster decisions.


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Solution Features

  • online integration with the back-end SAP Warranty Claim Processing module
  • online integration with the back-end Labour Operation & Spare Parts Catalogue
  • online integration with the back-end SAP Vehicle Management System, obtaining all vehicle data
  • checking WTY claim completeness against the Recall Template
  • live pricing information of labour, spare parts and external services such as towing
  • VSR/BRF+ Business Rule Validations based on defined Business Rules
  • at a glance status of submitted warranty claims and the option to re-submit claims which have been returned for correction
  • status of daily warranty workload at a glance
  • option to jump between report view and Warranty Claim details
  • possibility to perform actions on multiple claims at once
  • time-critical content is provided to the users
  • responsiveness – can be used on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile phone)
  • user-friendly interface based on FIORI UX standards


Business Benefits

  • complete warranty claim processing enabled for employees and external partners, e.g. Dealers
  • accelerated Warranty Claim management time with minimized erroneous data
  • users can respond to the changes anytime, anywhere they occur via phone, tablet
  • reporting, work-lists and analytics providing full visibility and control for a complete real-time warranty process


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For which companies?

Automotive, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery:

  • OEMs
  • Importers/Distributors
  • National Sales Companies

Technical requirements:

  • SAP S/4HANA (or SAP ECC) system with SAP Vehicle Management System and Warranty Claim Processing modules

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The author of the article is Janusz Wawrzyniak, Solution Architect in The Hicron Automotive and Logistics team.


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