In this article we are shortly presenting one of Hicron’s Automotive Fiori Apps deployed in mobile scenario, to showcase how using FIORI with its mobility possibilities and real-time data capabilities customers can easily benefit from process digitalization.

Hicron Fiori Recall App is based on our experience coming from over 100 Automotive projects carried out all over the world, since 2006. It was prepared to support the processing of recall and service campaigns repairs for one of the top international car brands.

Business Scenario

The Hicron Fiori Recall App improves and digitizes the process of service campaigns and recall-related repairs and claims processing between the Dealerships and Vehicle Importers/Distributors/OEMs.

The below simplified flow explains how  the recall-related warranty claims are usually processed between the Dealerships and the vehicle Importers:

Hicron Recall App


Hicron Recall App is a FIORI-based app implemented in the Importer’s SAP system. It is meant to minimize all the above process risks and issues related with paper-based processing. The app is meant to be used by the Dealer Technician on a mobile device (phone or tablet) during a service campaign or recall-related repair to streamline to process. The app supports even the most complex scenarios where parts serial numbers, photo evidence and other documents must be captured during the repair and included into the created Warranty Claim. The user is able to use a mobile device camera to scan VIN, parts serial numbers and capture photos. The below flow explains how the process is supported and enhanced when using the app:


Recall App

Solution Features

  • VIN number and Parts Serial Number can be scanned and validated using the device camera as an embedded barcode scanner
  • outstanding recalls list and general data for specific VIN is presented based on current importer backend system data
  • repair eligibility verification – automated verification and notification when a wrong serial/VIN number is given
  • all required data including Repair Date, Mileage, Recall Variant selection is captured, validated and seamlessly updated in the importer backend system
  • additional Part Serial Number validations can be switched on to ensure that they are captured correctly
  • photos automatically attached by using the device camera
  • additional claim attachments can be added directly from the mobile device storage
  • mandatory steps and data validations are defined by the importer on the recall level in the backend system
  • implemented in SAP FIORI technology following best practices, design principles and web development standards – self-explanatory app UX – minimized training costs
  • on-line, seamless interface with importer backend SAP system.
  • work seamlessly on smart phones and tablets (iOS and Android devices)
  • run via mobile SAP Fiori Client:
    • High performance through enhanced cache management.
    • Use of mobile qualities: barcode scanner, camera
    • Use of an app passcode to meet security requirement

Business Benefits

  • Dealerships:
    • real-time vehicle recall eligibility verification
    • minimized workload for employees to manage claim creation and verification
    • minimized number of claims requiring correction
    • accelerated reimbursement
  • Importers:
    • minimized workload to analyze and correct erroneous claims
    • correct and real-time recall processing status information


For which companies?

Automotive, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery:

  • OEMs
  • Importers/Distributors
  • National Sales Companies

Technical requirements:

  • SAP S/4HANA (or SAP ECC) system with SAP Vehicle Management System and Warranty Claim Processing modules


See how the solution looks like:

recall 1  recall 2

recall 3 screen4_fiori

recall 5 recall 6


screen 7 - fiori  recall 8


Check out also in which countries we are supporting our clients:


The author of the article is Janusz Wawrzyniak, Solution Architect in The Hicron Automotive and Logistics team.

Download PDF.:

Hicron Fiori Recall App