Analytic tools as a key to success

The deadline for renegotiation of the terms of contract with a renowned Steel Manufacturer is approaching. A sudden increase in the EUR exchange rate during the contract review period means an opportunity for a higher return on export sales. Operating on a extremely competitive market, the company cannot afford to miss an opportunity for earning extra money. There is no time to lose…

A day of dilemmas

How much can I increase the export sales at the expense of domestic sales without losing the market share? How much can I increase the sales margin to achieve a higher return on sales without losing the customers? How should I plan the schedule of dispatches and deliveries to avoid unnecessary expenses, maintain the optimum stock of raw material and ensure continuity of supply to the customers? The analyst is wiping his forehead, staring aghast at dozens of open data files. It will take me weeks to compare all the figures and prepare a simulation… in the meantime, our competitors will take advantage of the opportunity and offer better terms to the customers… How come other companies can find the right answers in a matter of minutes?, wonders the analyst.

…because time is money

The unnecessarily lengthy decision making process is a reason why hundreds of companies everyday lose a chance to increase their market share or beat the competition. SAP Business Intelligence tools combined with reliable models for forecasting the market conditions would help to find the right answers to important questions much faster, plan the activities for a number of different scenarios and make the strategic decisions. When all the information is stored in a single database, it is much easier to retrieve, view, report and analyse the data according to predefined criteria. Such tools are used to support decision making processes in the best managed companies across the world.

What is the main reason for choosing SAP Business Intelligence? The cost of lost benefits due to wasting time on lengthy analyses which produce results of highly questionable quality. The competitors of the Steel Manufacturer certainly make use of SAP Business Intelligence tools which help them make the right decisions in a very short period of time. An investment in BI would save the analyst lots of unnecessary stress.

Why do we need SAP BI?

Almost every company nowadays uses transaction systems which record its daily operations in different areas of activity. These are e.g. a payroll system, a finance management system, a warehouse management system and many more. In order to make strategic decisions on the level of the entire organisation, you can follow one of the two ways. You can either analyse the data in each of the systems separately or use SAP Business Intelligence tools with incorporated reports which extract the data from all systems of the company and upload them into a common data warehouse. The first option is extremely time-consuming. We should also bear in mind that time is one of the most precious resources in today’s business reality. The other option offers the comfort of quick access to highly reliable results.