Hicron successfully completed a project to build interfaces to handle the electricity invoices issued by PKP Energy for PKP S.A., acting as a subcontractor of the company PKP Sp. o.o.

The aim of the project was to automate and optimize the process of accounting for the electricity invoices issued by PKP Energy. The first stage of implementation, carried out jointly by Hicron and PKP Sp. o.o. for PKP SA, was a detailed analysis and optimization proposal, describing the process with the support of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI).

The implementation of this solution was carried out on the basis of the existing PKP SA IT infrastructure, which was expanded to include a new component integration platform enabling significant reduction of the process without causing the customer additional costs. Lasting seven months, the project was completed in May of this year – says Donata Kosmenda, Project Manager at Hicron.

Before implementing this solution, some stages of the circulation of documents were performed manually; now, with the corresponding interface, they have been automated. Hicron solution architects offered the opportunity to optimize, among others, pairing and renovation contracts for individual invoices, the accounting module SAP RE-FX, input meter readings media in SAP, the transmission of results to the accounting system and the Financial Accounting Document Circulation.

This tool for PKP SA significantly supports the process of circulation of accounting documents. Almost from the beginning of the operation of the solution at PKP SA, the company reported significant time savings by automating the process. The implementation of the entire project, from pre-implementation analysis, ran perfectly, and the cooperation of Hicron with PKP was fully professional – says Magdalena Maślarz, Systems Expert in PKP.