Automation of the process saves time and money spent on document management. What is more, the implementation of the solution is fast and seamless for the HR and Finance departments.

Monthly distribution of paper payslips can be a time-consuming process, especially in large companies employing many people, or companies of distributed structure. Electronic payslips are becoming more frequently used.

Since the data contained in these documents is sensitive, it must be properly secured. Hicron created an in-house extension of the standard SAP PY (Payroll) module consisting of the automatic sending of payslips to employees’ email addresses.

Sensitive data: Always secure

“The ePayslips application has been designed to ensure total security of sent data. The solution’s architecture is based on the assumption that payslips, created to look exactly as they do in the SAP system, are stored nowhere, data is ciphered and sent at the same moment, and the email is automatically deleted from the system. Thus the danger of sensitive data theft and improper usage is eliminated. The configuration of one of effective data ciphering tools is an additional advantage,” explains Jerzy Bednarek, Hicron’s HCM Team Manager.

One of the key advantages of the solution is full process automation, which directly leads to cost reductions: we avoid document printing and distribution to tens or even hundreds of employees. Every action is performed automatically in accordance with all data security standards.

New abilities of SAP PY

In order to implement the extension, a working SAP PY module (used to perform remuneration clearance; a part of SAP HCM  — Human Capital Management) is required. Data binding between an employee’s personal number and e-mail address created by means of so called „communication” info-type is an important element of the solution. This prevents incidents in which a wrong payslip goes to the wrong employee. Hicron’s team provides support services for migration of data necessary for the SAP system.

“After the generation of a document, the employee receives an email with a PDF file attached, which can be opened only with the user-defined password created specifically for that purpose. An authorized administrative user — an employee responsible for wages — has access to the master password so that in case of any user losing his/her access data, it is possible to let him/her see the document,” says Jerzy Bednarek.

The implementation of a Hicron in-house product used to text access passwords to user mobile phones using pre-defined user telephone numbers constitutes another possibility.

ePayslips in KPPD

One of the first customers to implement ePayslips is Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego. The company employs over 1000 workers in sawmills and warehouses, located in 14 sites. The company’s history began in 1950, when the Rejon Przemysłu Leśnego in Szczecinek was created, which , after many transformations , took the current shape. In the continued process of company optimization and computerization, Hicron’s customer decided to implement the solution to send payslips electronically.

“We have decided to implement ePayslips to optimize another time-consuming process. Entire process was performed by Hicron’s consultants with due diligence. The process of payslip automation and delivery by e-mail saves time and money, and ensures that the operation is carried out without errors and in accordance with the proper security standards,” says Piotr Podgórski, IT Manager in Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego.