As a SAP partner, Hicron has a duty to maintain the highest quality of service in a number of areas. Compliance with the high requirements imposed by SAP is proven by the Partner Center of Expertise certificate, renewed at two-year intervals. In February this year, Hicron was approved by the auditors for the fourth time in a row, and it is entitled to use the PCoE status in the area of support and monitoring of systems via the SAP Solution Manager environment.

With this tool, we can support communication of clients with SAP and creation of SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports to analyse the monitored systems. SAP Solution Manager also provides support in everyday work owing to Root Cause Analysis,” says Paweł Pawełkiewicz, SAP BASIS Consultant at Hicron.

The challenges during this PCoE accreditation – apart from the audit itself – included the transition to the latest version of SAP Solution Manager combined with the division of the system into two separate systems. The complexity of this process can be demonstrated by the fact that not all of our partners managed to complete this process on schedule and “upon first attempt”, which could have delayed recertification.

On the one hand, PCoE is a necessary condition if we wish to work for the clients; on the other hand, it is a tremendous distinction. The requirements we have to meet to be certified are extremely stringent. In order to prepare the entire process, we had to involve an 8-person team for approximately 8 months,” says Paweł Pawełkiewicz. – ”This did not affect the way we provided our services because you cannot truly ‘prepare’ yourself for PCoE – it is an acknowledgement of the department’s actual efforts made over the course of two years”.

The verification of requirements in the last weeks of February concluded with the auditors’ approval. The verification covered several areas, including the following:

  • SAP Solution Manager, the audit of which was the largest part of the process and was established as a separate category.
  • Evaluation of requests solved by Hicron on their own vs requests forwarded to SAP.
  • Creating EWA reports for production systems and opening connections for them to enable SAP to access the client’s system 24/7.
  • Representation of production systems in Hicron’s internal systems.
  • Correct maintenance of documentation, contracts, procedures and instructions.

Owing to certification, the clients purchasing Hicron’s application management and SAP system administration services (BASIS) can rest assured that their requests are handled in accordance with SAP standards – both in terms of technology and customer service.