Automotive is a very important direction for Hicron activity. Therefore, in addition to business activities in this field, we engage in initiatives that support the development of this industry in Poland, such as the Lower Silesian Automotive Cluster.

The Lower Silesian Automotive Cluster (DKM) is an initiative bringing together companies and institutions that are actively operating on the automotive market in Lower Silesia, with particular emphasis on the Legnica Economic Zone. The aim of the cluster is an active exchange of market experience, know-how, as well as achieving tangible business benefits, e.g. through joint purchasing activities, or external financing.

In May this year, Hicron joined more than a dozen companies from Lower Silesia, thus becoming a member of DKM. We believe that joining this initiative will enable us to share knowledge gained in the course of numerous international projects that we carried out for the automotive industry, and also be a chance for the realization of inspirational projects with members of the cluster.

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