Hicron is carrying out intensive IT development work to introducte the Dealer Management System, a signature PSA Peugeot Citroën solution, in a network of 50 retail outlets in Germany. This is another international project the company has had for a client in the automotive area.

The Dealer Management System was originally prepared for PSA retail outlets in Italy. The first implementation of DMS in Germany took place in Saarbrücken in 2013, and another – already involving Hicron – started on August 1, 2014, in Cologne. Until the end of 2015, design work will start in all 50 German retail outlets. The decision to introduce this solution in other locations is a key component of the PSA strategy and was dictated by the desire to improve the work flow in all the entities belonging to the Group by standardize the IT system.

IT systems supporting the work of retail outlets is the foundation of our business. The ability to optimize and adapt to the needs of all entities in the PSA Group is of strategic importance and we consider it a step forward – emphasizes Peter Windhöfel, IT Director at PSA Group Germany.


The main result of Hicron’s efforts will be an improvement in the quality of work in the system: the aim was to increase the speed of execution of tasks, improve customer service, automate processes and expand the functionality of the system. Hicron received, among other, the task of implementing the two interfaces and introducing new reports on car data.

Preparatory work carried out by Hicron includes increasing the capacity and flexibility to better respond to the needs of individual cells in the dealer network. As a result, operations will be faster and data will be exchanged in real time more effictively so manually entering information into the system is no longer necessary.