The Hicron team is constantly working on widening the copyright of complementary products and standard solutions offered by SAP. The group of products from the Hicron’s financial portfolio joined Bank Web Services.

Experts at Hicron prepared the solution Hicron Bank Web Services. With the integration of the module SAP FI from the bank’s transaction system (version 1.0 with ING Bank Slaski, optionally with other suppliers) request for balance, bank statement whether the implementation of an online bank transfer takes place directly from a dedicated cockpit side SAP FI using standardized XML messages (ISO 2002 ).

The most important benefits of implementing Hicron WBS may include the automation of processes related to e-banking, expansion of SAP ERP with additional functions transferred to the banking transaction systems and standardization of business processes for this area of ​​business.

To help support business processes in finance, Hicron also prepared other, easy to configure overlay module SAP FI: Hicron SMS Reminder and Hicron Currencies.