On June 10-12 Sopot will become the capital of IT innovation. During the three days of the SAP Forum conference, experts will discuss innovation and the possibilities the SAP connection with the latest market trends offers. Hicron gained the status of Gold Partner of this unique event.

The main theme of the three-day conference called “Discover Simple” will be the theme of innovation and connecting SAP solutions with the most promising market trends. Experts will discuss, among others, new ways of customer engagement, news from the IT market, and increasing the efficiency of business processes by simplifying them with the help of IT tools.

The speakers at the SAP Forum are not only practitioners who use the integrated SAP solutions every day, but also world-class experts. Participants will be able to listen to a lecture by Martin Lindstrom, author of the bestseller “Zakupologia”, a specialist in the field of branding and neuromarketing, as well as prof. Rafal Ohme, an expert in the field of psychology and communication.

During the conference, there will also be a lecture about how technological innovation supports business efficiency during periods of change, development and, and how it affects the future of the organization. Katarzyna Sokalska and Jerzy Bednarek will be at the conference as Hicron representatives, who together with SAP Poland will talk about the SuccessFactors in internal Hicron structures and the impact of the efficiency and commitment of a team with a common business strategy.