And that’s how Hicron has earned this unique certificate in the area of the automotive industry. Obtaining SAP Recognised Expertise required our team members to acquire at least two references in the automotive industry and three individual competence certificates for the consultants. Specialists from the Wrocław company managed to obtain nine.

Automotive industry challenges

Local companies offered the implementation of many solutions that weren’t integrated with one another; the financial systems were located in a separate environment from the logistics. Combining modern technologies with 20-year-old systems appeared impossible or extremely costly. Hicron ensured a great combination of basic business knowledge and technical competences during the project, positioning themselves as a true partner, able to face the difficult business processes and change management.” –  that’s how one of our clients who provided the references for the certificate assessed their cooperation with Hicron.

The scope of the above-mentioned implementation was yet another interesting challenge; a chance to solve problems which seemed impossible to be solved. It’s not the first time when Hicron specialists have dealt with the challenges of the automotive industry.

We take care of the largest automotive brands worldwide”, says Michał Guzek, CEO at Hicron. “We cannot talk about most of them due to contractual provisions. Within the last two years we have been running parallel projects in Asia, Australia, Europe and in the Middle East. Our consultants have visited our clients in Sydney, Tokyo, Athens and Jeddah simultaneously. Our team comprises people with unique automotive competences worldwide and they know that where there’s a will, there’s a way”, he adds.

Awards and distinctions

The automotive industry has been supported by Hicron experts since 2006. Even at that time, the company already had an outstanding ability to cooperate in a flexible way and to solve the most difficult challenges of the digital transformation of the business. In 2015, Hicron led a SAP DBM implementation (Dealer Business Management) for a Qatar company, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. W.L.L. (AAB), one of the largest independent world distributors of Toyota and Lexus. This project achieved first place in the prestigious category: Business Transformation for the MENA region, and a bronze medal for the EMEA area where it competed with the most complex projects with a clear influence on the improvement of the clients’ business processes. A year before, during the SAP Automotive Forum in Leipzig, the jury and the audience awards were given to Hicron’s DriveApp.

What was unique about this project was not only its location, but also the scope and implementation time: the implementation of SAP DBM 8.0 version for AAB was the third such project worldwide and the first one with such a wide functional scale. The activities were completed according to the prior assumptions, within the budget and the deadline. Receiving an award of this importance was a wonderful conclusion and appraisal of our work” ways Grzegorz Buhl, Program Manager and Integration Manager of this project.


Constant client support

Actions taken by the Hicron team allow other companies to cut costs, not only financial ones, but also those connected to other resources, such as the availability of human resources. “Thanks to our cooperation with Hicron we managed to identify the possibilities for enhancements in the existing processes. Work that previously took a week, now takes only one day. By saving time, we save money as well,” said Mona Asplund, Project Leader at Volvo IT.

On the other hand, the company runs constant and regular works on its systems to service the relational system on the client-network or dealer-service-producer lines in one of the largest automotive concerns in the world. Other companies that have had effective results in cooperation with Hicron are the following: Volvo, AAB, PSA Peugeot Citroen, etc.

At the same time, we can observe unique competences of our SAP partner in Poland, especially regarding activities in the automotive industry. “Cooperation with Hicron’s consultants, taking into consideration their competences in the scope of programming and processes specific for the automotive sector, gave us many reasons to be satisfied,” adds Peter Windhöfel, Head of IT at PSA Group Germany.

SAP Recognized Expertise

This certificate is a huge distinction, but it’s also a reason for further mobilization, since the company representatives firmly believe in the worldwide vision that there are no problems that cannot be solved, there are only wrongly posed questions.