In recent weeks, several industry reports have been published that show the biggest players in the Polish IT market in several categories. Hicron is in, among others, the TOP200 of Computerworld and ITwiz best 100.

In the ITwiz best 100 report, Hicron took 3rd place in the category of IT companies with the largest revenues from sales of services to implement applications in 2014, recording an increase by as much as 27%. In the classification of companies with the highest sales of mobile applications and web portals, we took 7th place; we are also the eleventh largest exporter of IT products and services, with a 44-percent increase year on year.

Newspaper Financial also mentions Hicron, where in its ranking of IT companies with the highest revenue, we were placed at 109th with a score of more than 61 million in 2014.

Rising incomes also cause a rise in employment. In the TOP200 Computerworld ranking, Hicron took 50th place among companies with the highest employment growth in 2014, increasing its number of employees by as much as 35% compared to 2013.