Michał Guzek, CEO at Hicron Poland, has become the head of the Australian company and is supporting the new company with his many years of experience managing and running IT projects worldwide.

The IT market in Australia has many needs which can be sufficiently addressed and met by the specialised and niche competences of Hicron’s team members. There are many organisations eager to combine the scalability of business with cost-effectiveness. “Here, the hybrid techniques of IT processes management can be translated to a higher quality, well-adjusted reaction time and real business benefits. Using this style of cooperation skilfully, we have a chance to address the unique competence demands promptly, securely, and still cost-efficiently. I am deeply convinced that through the relatively low-level usage of own resources, on the spot, and potential partnerships with market experts, we are able to deliver high-quality services that will meet the most urgent business needs of local companies. Apart from the solutions based on SAP architecture, we constantly add to our offer modern technologies such as the following: JAVA, .NET, Angular, Node.JS, JavaScript and many others”, says Michał Guzek, CEO Hicron in Poland and Australia.

Strengthening our position outside of Poland is a part of Hicron’s long-term strategy. Since 2006, the company has been carrying out projects for foreign clients, among others in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Middle East countries, and also in the USA and Russia. Within the last few years the amount of income from foreign projects has increased by 50 per cent.