On June 17 at the Firley Club Wrocław, there will be a concert of bands including HiBand, which will play for Karol Szpruty, organizing a fundraiser for his treatment.

Charles is a wonderful ten-year, which from the beginning has been struggling with a number of serious diseases, including retinopathy of prematurity and cerebral palsy. To allow his family to cover the enormous costs of karol’s treatment and rehabilitation team Hicron organizes a unique event: a concert evening in Wroclaw Club Firley.

For Karol will play two bands in varying degrees associated with our company. HiBand is a group composed of Hicron employees regularly give concerts on our events and have a wide range of audiences, not only among employees. The repertoire of rock adds flavor to many of our meetings.

We are not indifferent to the needs and the ability to help others. We are involved in charitable collection, tournaments and concerts such as this. All activities are ideas both managers and employees Hicron. Together, we organize and engage in good deeds.

We invite you to participate in a concert or support Karol, who is a ward of the Foundation Better Days: http://www.lepszedni.org/podopieczni.html