In October 2016, Hicron Schweiz AG became a member of the Health Tech Cluster Switzerland society which is a technological cluster and constitutes an answer to the new challenges in the area of technology for medicine.

This membership is crucial from the point of view of cooperation with other members of the society, which determines the level of innovation and competitiveness in the industry.

The CEO of Hicron Schweiz AG, Davide Li Cavoli, highlights that fact: “Membership in Health Tech Cluster Schweiz as a Premium Partner allows us to share our innovative solutions and ideas and to exchange experience with more active members of the market. We want the health care sector to grow even faster thanks to our commitment and constant improvement of our solutions.”

One of Hicron’s achievements in the medical and health care industry is the implementation of an analytical system in one of the most important Swiss hospitals. Thanks to the solution offered by Hicron, the analysis of patients’ data (amounting to billions of records), test results, profitability of procedures and budget management was shortened tenfold. This solution corresponds to the philosophy of the institution where the patient is the centre of attention. In addition, innovative research is also being carried out in this facility.

The nearest opportunity for a Polish-Swiss meeting of companies from the medical industry to discuss the issue of innovations in the sector is going to be a conference organised together with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish-Swiss Economy Chamber, “eHealth: ICT solutions for Health Tech” which will be held this year on 9th November, in Pfäffikonm Switzerland.  The priorities for this meeting are the identification of the direction in which the industry is developing, the challenges for IT systems and to provide an exchange of experience. At the conference the representatives of Hicron will share their experience and will talk about completed projects.

Hicron Sp. z o.o. implements solutions for the improvement of analytical production processes and quality management in the medical and health care industry. Among our clients are hospitals, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, social facilities and institutes, manufacturers of components and medical packaging.

The name “Health Tech Cluster Switzerland” gathers almost 200 members – companies from the medical industry, producers, service providers, investors, research and training institutions. The main goal of the society is to improve the quality of services provided to the representatives of the industry and thus increase the effectiveness of the health care itself and the IT systems working in this industry.