Hicron made available to customers new tools for remote SAP systems administration: Hicron System Monitoring Tool, another element sophisticated system to detect problems in the SAP systems.

Hicron System Monitoring Tool enables the early identification of problems in the system by wielkoelementowy monitoring system, which in a straight line leads to a more efficient response service team, and quickly resolve the problem. Our consultants from the BASIS in 2016. will be every day to use the new tool for monitoring SAP customers, and resources-side operating systems.

What is Hicron System Monitoring Tool (HSMT)?

HSMT is integrated with the application Hicron and allows you to automatically create entries in the system service.hicron.com. The system analyzes the events and passing them to the system ticketowego automatically assumes the application for consideration by a team of remote administration.

HSMT tool allows you to generate daily monitoring reports from the SAP system in PDF format provided in the form of a service call automatically created in the system service.hicron.com or by e-mail.

What is the process of monitoring carried out by HSMT?

In the SAP system or operating system in the monitored area alert appears. Then HSMT assumed on behalf of a client application on service.hicron.com of the priorities. BASIS Consultant on duty the first line of support undertakes an analysis of the application and begin its implementation or forward them to the appropriate specialist according to internal operating procedures.

From 1 January 2016 HSMT tool will be made available to all customers with remote administration without extra charge. If the application will require the support of the Application Service Consultants, for example. ABAP programmer or consultant modular will be numerous under the agreement.