Democratic, cooperative leadership focused on interpersonal relations is winning over increasingly larger crowds of managers and CEOs. Why is the “command and control” style no longer convincing? Our CFO, Katarzyna Sokalska, answered these and other questions during the Harvard Business Review Polska business breakfast which took place on December 18, 2019 in Warsaw.

Breakfast in good company

The panelists of the “Authentic Women’s Leadership” meeting focused on how leaders lead their teams and organizations. Apart from Katarzyna Sokalska, who represented Hicron, the following guests took part in the discussion: Iwona Golonko, CEO at Maroney, an advisory and training company, Agnieszka Servaas, President of the Management Board at VIVE Management, Dr Barbara Stepnowska, MBA Director at Gdańsk University of Technology, Aneta Podyma-Milczarek, President of the Management Board at UNUM Życie, Edyta Wojtkiewicz, Chief Financial Officer at AstraZeneca Pharma Poland, Andrzej Jacaszek, DBA, Vice-President of ICAN Institute, publisher of “Harvard Business Review Polska”, and Paweł Kubisiak, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Harvard Business Review Polska. The experience of the invited women and the latest research in the field proved quite convergent, which is why it was possible to establish the key leadership competences that help achieve success. Interestingly, it turned out that in this case the success of a leader and an organization depended on the opportunities for development and achieving success provided to individual employees. The question is how to create such conditions?

Lead like a woman!

Even though the Woman in the Workplace 2019 report by McKinsey & Company shows that women constitute only 13% of board members and 6% of CEOs of the largest Polish companies, the world of women’s business is changing. Women occupy increasingly higher positions, and opinions such as the one expressed by Barack Obama, who said that if all countries were ruled by women for two years, we would see significant improvement in almost every area, are gaining popularity.

The attitudes and achievements of the invited women make the words of the former US President seem more than just coquetry. What is the women’s recipe for success? Our Chief Financial Officer, Katarzyna Sokalska, said the following about her management methods on the pages of HBRP: – Like many other women I know, I emphasize cooperation, voluntarily giving significant decision-making power to employees. My management style is characterized by partnership and joint achievement of goals, which helped me build authenticity in the eyes of employees and inspire their trust.


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