SAP has recognized the competence of Hicron for the second time now! We are proud to present our latest achievement: the SAP Recognized Expertise certificate for Real Estate Management solutions.


Certyfikat SAP RX Real Estate Hicron


How it all began

Hicron has been working on real estate management solutions from the very beginning of its operations. Back in 2006, experts with many years of experience in this particular sector started working at our company. Our activity was not restricted to implementing SAP solutions. We were also cooperating with the producer to develop and improve products, ensuring that they provide the highest level of support to our customers.

RE-FX modules developed as part of SAP ERP systems are currently among the most technologically advanced solutions the company offers. Although the real estate management solution was first conceived over three decades ago, it was recently rewritten entirely from scratch. This has enabled us, on the one hand, to expand the existing functionalities, and on the other – to facilitate and enhance the usability of the software.

As a reminder: RE-FX is a software enabling flexible real estate management. It supports all administrative processes: from maintenance and renting the property to paying public/legal levies, such as property tax, perpetual usufruct fees, etc. Companies that Hicron supports with this particular solution include PKP and Cyfrowy Polsat, as well as numerous foreign enterprises from Germany, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.


How did Hicron receive the certificate?

As was the case with the SAP Recognized Expertise certificate for the Automotive sector, Hicron was required to submit customer references with good or very good opinions on cooperation with our company.

We opted for SAP and Hicron in order to achieve a high level of integration between a specialized application and our processes and value transfers – noted one of our clients, justifying their choice of Hicron as implementation partner. The customer evaluated the competence of our company as “very satisfactory”.

We have been focusing on integrating systems with new environments, designing dedicated cockpits to automate booking processes, as well as developing and supplementing the standard functionalities of SAP RE-FX. The challenges we have accepted include integration of SAP solutions with the IFRS16 standard, in response to amendments introduced by the International Accounting Standards Committee on 1 January 2019.


The most reliable IT partner in the Real Estate sector

As we cooperate with large corporations whose portfolios comprise hundreds or even thousands of properties, the solutions we offer must be both flexible and effective. This means that a single, well-integrated system is sufficient to support properties where various payment or fee indexing methods are applied. After implementing our solution, the customer’s real estate management processes become much simpler and quicker – and this translates into both savings and increased productivity.

Hicron is a company with great recognition in the real estate management industry – states Paweł Kresak, Solution Architect and Managing Partner. SAP confirms that the projects we are working on adhere to the best practices and guarantee a high level of quality. The certificate recognizes our long-lasting market presence and extensive experience in the sector.