The SAP conference focused on cloud-based solutions as the main trend throughout the entire IT industry.

Both the keynote speech by SAP CTO, Juergen Mueller, as well as the sessions, workshops and meetings at SAP TechEd 2019 confirmed that the German giant is bravely heading towards its goal. Even though the subject of cloud-based brand strategy was not a big surprise to the experts, they were still presented with new solutions and revolutionary ideas during the conference. Interested? Why not find out more from our SAP TechEd 2019 coverage!

TechEd 2019 – the beginning of a New Era of Consulting

SAP consultants and companies implementing or planning to implement ERP systems will certainly feel a big change in the coming months. We are entering the era of tool integration: combining many functionalities and modules into one solution, with a common UI. “This is a positive change,” said Kinga Moska, SAP Mentor and Service Delivery Executive at Hicron. “The company listened to its clients’ feedback, which can be seen in the fact that its integrated tools have now been given a new, aesthetic, easier-to-use interface and are simply more enjoyable to work with. Of course, as SAP consultants we’ll have to get used to it, but I know that we’re ready to face this challenge.”


SAP Analytics Cloud is an example of integrated tools


Another step towards the Cloud and SAP 4/HANA

Fast data processing and the possibility of managing business processes anywhere, at anytime: this was the future of the IT industry as foreseen in Barcelona during TechEd 2019. Much attention was also paid to SAP 4/HANA, a modern solution that allows you to work with data ‘in-memory’, meaning fast and in real time. The conference proved that SAP will not stop providing us with new tools designed to work in the Cloud, using SAP 4/HANA.


Expert forum

During the three-day conference, there was time for meetings between mentors, developers and specialists – it was not without reason that one of the slogans of the event was Get Ready, It’s Time to Talk Tech. Networking was also an important part of this event. “This was a unique opportunity to meet experts from around the world, exchange experiences and discuss what’s happening on the market. We also had the opportunity to propose improvements to existing solutions, or point out functions that are, in our opinion, missing. Thanks to this, we’re not only keeping our finger on the pulse of current events, but also directly influencing the future of the IT industry,” Kinga summarised.