This year’s edition of the SAP Technology Forum is devoted to the digital transformation of business. Parallel sessions will include the following panel discussions: analytics, data management platform, digital innovations, compliancy and corporate governance management, business transformation and digital education. We would also like to invite you to the following lecture: ”Three steps to success: manage, analyse and win thanks to the SAP Analytics Cloud” given by Michał Bekus from Hicron.

The conference will take place on the 11th and 12th of September 2018 in Sopot. From the very beginning SAP has been trying to set the direction for changes in the IT sector while supporting the business transformation of its clients. This year’s formula for the event has a presentation and workshop character, which means that every subject will be discussed both from the theoretical as well as practical point of view. At the same time, the conference organisers encourage everyone to visit inspiring showcases presenting the range of possibilities provided by the SAP software.

SAP Analytics Cloud: three steps to success

The lecture given by Michał Bekus (SAP Analytics Expert) from Hicron entitled ”Three steps to success: manage, analyse and win thanks to the SAP Analytics Cloud” will be devoted to how to go outside the standard frames of the reporting system; how to find more useful information in the already collected data; what to do to identify and analyse trends as well as find competitive advantage. The presentation will be based on an actual analytical example. The audience will have a chance to see that the actions under discussion bring measurable effects.

Nowadays even the most advanced and multidimensional reporting does not fulfil all business expectations. “We would like to go outside the standard frames of the reporting system in order to find more information in the data already collected, identify trends, and look for the competitive advantage. Are we able to use prediction models and machine learning technologies in our everyday analyses without having any “secret knowledge” of advanced statistics or mathematics? Using an actual business case I will demonstrate how the SAP Analytics Cloud helps discover knowledge in the collected data and draw as many key pieces of information from it as possible,” says Michał Bekus.

We also encourage everyone to visit our stand during breaks to test one’s power of concentration in a game in which a computer is being controlled by thoughts.