The Hicron team has worked with Play, a leader in the telecommunications industry in Poland, since 2012, performing a series of activities to support the development of SAP systems. New functionality, conceptual work and the maintenance of existing solutions is the most important, but not the only part of this cooperation.

To best match the tools to the client’s needs, consultants Hicron prepared a proof of concept of two solutions: SAP HANA Fiori and Migration, so that users are able to accurately test the proposed configuration and applying the necessary corrections before final implementation.

Proof of concept has been carried out very smoothly, thanks to the enormous commitment of the entire project team on the side of the Play and Lenovo. Verifying migration path to a copy of the production environment of SAP enabled us to play the exact position of the schedule of planned works through the reflection of the time and quality of work – says Michael Sarna, Technology Manager SAP BASIS in Hicron.

The team Hicron carry out broad proactive support in order to increase the efficiency and functionality of the ERP environment, inter alia by regular patching systems necessary amendments or adjustment of individual components, e.g. to legal requirements, as was the case with SAP HR-CEE.

Appreciating the quality of work Hicron decided to once again extend our cooperation and entrust the team to care for the environment ERP operating in Play. Fulfillment of the conditions of the SLA, high performance and availability of systems and the professionalism and commitment to the development environment SAP allow us to operate efficiently in the areas of core business without having to invest in niche competence of the company by entrusting the area specialists of Hicron – says Tomasz Bandurski, Head of Systems ERP in Play.