ABAP development

With programming language ABAP, our developers can adjust your SAP ERP system to suit your most specific needs.

If you have an idea for an application, outsource the project to us – Hicron’s experts will develop it in ABAP for you. We will also take care of optimizing and migrating existing solutions to newer technologies. And if you wonder if your system’s capabilities can be adapted to your needs – ask us to perform an audit!


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What we can do for you

We are working in four areas of ABAP development, each perfectly suited for your specific needs.


  • Implementing standard SAP ERP system with custom solutions

This service is meant for your company, if:

– your SAP system does not meet your needs, or

– you did not yet implement the SAP ERP system because of extensive, specific processes that cannot be translated to standard SAP solutions.

We implement the system, adapting it to your needs from the start, using ABAP programming language.


  • Developing custom applications

You have an idea – or need – for a specific solution. Now you need an experienced team of developers that will create the application, so it is scalable and performs well. We are the team you are searching for. Following your guidelines, we will design and develop the solution and integrate it with your business processes. We will also offer our suggestions and support because Hicron does not simply outsource ABAP consultants – we are working with you as technology partners.


  • Optimizing and integrating existing solutions

There are a few problems that we can address. Sometimes, your business applications work and answer to your needs, but their performance – or their UX/CX – is lacking. Sometimes you need a new tool, but do not know how to integrate it with existing systems. It may also be that your solutions were written for technologies that become obsolete and will not be supported by SAP in the future. Our ABAP development team can solve all your problems with existing solutions, to make it scalable, faster and optimized.


  • Integrations

We are able to conduct extensive integration projects, using solutions such as Cloud Platform Integration. We can connect applications based on the cloud or on-premise, regardless of whether they are SAP or non-SAP.


Is a solution to your problem not listed here? Then contact us via the contact form or chatbot! Explain what you require, and we will see if our team can help you.


ABAP outsourcing – how we do it

We create customer-centric teams of ABAP developers.

A team consists of an Architect, a Development Lead and ABAP developers. If the scope of the project is significant, there will also be Steam Leads. The architect designs a solution using the newest technologies. Development Lead and Stream Leads take care of task distribution, cohesion, and code quality. Finally, developers deliver software, always following the best practices, your guidelines, and Agile methodology.

Are you concerned about the time difference? It does not matter if you work from Europe, Australia, Asia or the USA – we will make sure you will not notice the distance. With flexible working hours and dedicated teams of developers, Hicron adapts to your needs and means.


Why developers from Hicron

We are taking care of projects that other providers do not dare to undertake. Our ABAP development team acts differently than our competition. Hicron’s consultants have extensive knowledge about SAP modules, thanks to which it is easy for them to approach projects in both technological and business ways.

  • For you, it means faster translating your business needs to the language of technology.


We have laid down service standards, and we apply rules of best practice of development.

  • You can be sure our code is high-quality and possible to scale in the future.


We have more than ten years of experience, gained in Poland and abroad, during projects with companies from industries such as automotive, IT, production, logistics, banking and many more.

  • Our expertise in your industry will help us better tailor solutions to your needs.


During our projects, we created various applications for our clients. You can see the selection of our solutions in Hicron Labs. With a vast library of frameworks and ideas gathered during these projects, we are developing fast – because we rarely start from scratch.


Fiori and ABAP development are core Hicron competencies. We combine deep technical knowledge with understanding of business processes to deliver high quality solutions. Based on tens of completed projects, we have created an approach to providing Fiori and ABAP development, that rapidly brings business results. We would be glad to share the details with you.

https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/ip3/brand.linkedin.com.ico Szymon Włochowicz, Head of Delivery at Hicron


Are you interested in our services? Or maybe have some additional questions? If so, contact us via the button below, or start a conversation with our experts through chat!



SAP solutions that we use every day are extremely complex and they resemble no standard application. When choosing a partner for the upgrade project, we were keen to cooperate with a company with a large amount of consultant-programmers with experience in the design and development of complex, dedicated applications.

Agnieszka Kamieniecka, Upgrade Project Manager at Play

If you have additional questions, contact us!

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