Solution description:

As part of the administration of SAP systems, we bear full responsibility for their maintenance and continuous monitoring of their security, productivity and availability. All this is conducted in accordance with the conviction that even the most perfect and most comprehensive IT system will not support a company if it is not adjusted in terms of technology. In carrying out these tasks, we are aided by our proprietary solution: Hicron System Monitoring Tool, which enables us to counter potential threats quickly.

Benefits of working with Hicron:

  • Competences: administration of SAP systems regardless of the SAP system type, databases (MSSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP HANA, SAP ASE, SAP MaxDB), or operating system platforms.
  • Flexibility: the scope of work to be selected from different packages: Basis, Flex, Platinum and Gold.
  • Security: resulting from a proactive approach to potential threats.
  • Own SAP system monitoring solutions: a significant added value for our customers.

Hicron System Monitoring Tool is our proprietary product designed to monitor our customers’ SAP system environments in an ongoing manner.

Michał Sarna, Technology Manager SAP BASIS w Hicron