What is SAP AMS?

Most of the users’ inquiries related to the use of the SAP system go beyond the Maintenance area. We are talking about the expansion of modules, fixing errors such as incidents, as well as development works, minor changes or consultations with specialists.

Such requests are handled as part of SAP AMS – Application Managed Services. At Hicron, they are carried out by SAP Application Team – one of the three teams that make up the Application Service Support department.

AMS services help you adjust the SAP system to everchanging needs of your company. It also helps users to use the system more efficiently – thanks to trainings or manuals prepared by consultants at the client’s request.

You are going to cooperate with a team of Hicron’s specialists. In that way, there is always an expert to take care of your problem, no matter what it is. Hicron’s consultants have a lot of experience in various industries, they also have a vast knowledge of all SAP modules.

Services your system needs

We offer a wide range of projects as part of the Application Managed Services, divided into types:

  • Incidents;
  • Change request;
  • Quote request.

You do not have to choose the team that will take care of your project – Service Desk team will take care of it for you, saving your time.


Types of services:

Incident – it is, according to ITIL® methodology used in Hicron, an interruption of SAP system’s work, that disrupts the company’s business processes.

Change request – it is a request for consultations, training, sending manuals and other support from SAP consultants.

Quote request – it is a request for estimating the costs (calculated in working hours of specialists) of carrying out the development work in your system. SAP Application Team will start working on the project only after you accept the suggested solution.


We offer development of all modules and all SAP products, especially:

  • FI: FI + FI-AA + CO + TR;
  • LOG: MM + PP + QM + SD + WM oraz RE/FX;
  • Automotive: Dealer Portal + VMS + VMS PARTS + WTY;
  • HCM, with HR module and with SuccessFactors solution;
  • CRM;
  • FIORI;
  • XI/PI integration.

Why Hicron’s AMS is different

Platform for handling clients’ requests

We make sure that the time of handling client’s requests is as short as possible. We use a special platform that allows you not only to report the problem but also monitor the process of repairs, as well as SLA.

Each of our clients can access the platform. After logging in, you can choose the adequate type of request, from those mentioned above. In the next step, you describe what kind of support you need and with which SAP module or product.

After sending the request, it goes to Service Desk. Consultants verify if the query is connected to SAP Maintenance services, SAP AMS or maybe remote SAP system administration (BASIS). Then, they send it to the correct team. Depending on the type of report, regardless of whether it is an incident or development work, and taking into account the priority of the query, we make every effort to meet the deadlines resulting from the contract with the client.

Every action performed in the query is noted on the platform. At any given moment you can check on which stage the work is, or contact consultants that are assigned to the project. When the job is done, consultants prepare documentation and send it to you.



Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement that specifies the time in which Hicron will handle the incidents reported by the client and restore the system to working order, or prepare a workaround that ensures the client’s company can carry on its business processes.

How much time Hicron has for fixing the incident depends on its priority. Low-priority incidents have the longest time of execution, the higher is the priority, the shorter is this time. The exact length is agreed with the client in SLA and reflects the key business processes of the client. What is more, when the priority is critical, Hicron is obliged to find a workaround. It is a solution that does not solve the issue but allows the client to carry on the company’s business processes until our consultants implement the fix.

You can monitor the first response time (from the moment the request is created, to the moment it is verified), and the implementation time (from accepting the request to resolving the issue). It is worth remembering that the SLA only applies to incidents.

Hicron is obliged to solve your incident, or to find a workaround, in the time agreed in SLA.


Service windows

At Hicron, we are working at the same time as our clients. When signing the contract, together with the client we determine the hours at which the system support is required. Usually, this time coincides with working shifts at the client’s company, but it is possible to opt for 24/7 support or at other specific hours.


Emergency number

Hicron offers the clients a special, 24/7 emergency number that can be called in the event of a sudden, serious failure. In this way, the incident is reported instantly, thanks to that you can get immediate support.


Three types of contracts

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one out of three types of contracts: T&M, pre-paid budget and Fixed Price.

T&M – it is a framework agreement in which certain elements are charged, for example, the consultant’s working hours.

Pre-paid budget – it is a contract based on a fixed monthly fee, in which consultants handle requests under the pre-paid budget.

Fixed Price – it is an agreement based on a fixed monthly fee, which is fixed regardless of the number of incidents and reports.



If you are using the SAP system to a large extent, you can choose the support of the Service Delivery Executive (SDE). SDE is a dedicated supervisor who handles a given contract, and at the same time deals with all requests from the client. The supervisor creates and coordinates the team, as well as personally supervises all projects. In addition, SDE periodically reports the status of requests to the client and watches over the budget. They also answer all your questions and concerns, in other words: they act as a Single Point of Contact.

The greatest benefit of working with SDE is in contact with a person who perfectly knows your SAP system and has a very wide knowledge of SAP products. In this way, you can create long-term plans for the development of the system, relying on Hicron’s expertise in substantive matters. SDE also identifies needs and proposes solutions that support all your operations.

Benefits of working with Hicron

  • Flexible support – both the type of contract and SLA levels are agreed individually with the client, so they can be tailored to the specific needs of a given company.
  • Wide range of competences – Hicron consultants can take care of each module and each SAP product.
  • Transparency – the client can keep an eye on all the consultants’ activities on the request handling platform, and control both the quality of work and punctuality.
  • Available consultants – at Hicron, AMS services are provided by other consultants than those working on the implementation of the system. There is no risk they will become unavailable due to other duties.
  • Services provided in multiple languages – as an international company, we support our customers in Polish, English and German, as well as Russian and Italian.
  • Forge of talents – we care for the development of our consultants: at Hicron it is possible to go from a junior to an expert or leader of the substantive area.
  • Experience in many fields – we are supporting both foreign and domestic companies in a wide range: from logistics to production. We have been working for years with companies from the following industries:
    • Automotive,
    • public sector,
    • cosmetics,
    • mobile telephony,
    • finances,
    • transport,
    • logistics,
    • constructions,
    • production,
    • mining and metallurgy.

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Meeting the SLA conditions, high efficacy and availability of the systems, as well as a professional approach and commitment to the development of the SAP environment allow us to focus on our core business areas, without the need to invest in the niche competences of the company, so we can leave it to the specialists from Hicron.

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