Solution description:

Hicron Billing Solution was designed for public utility companies dealing with gas, heat, electricity and other utilities sales and distribution. It is an extension of the SAP system that allows users to concurrently issue invoices to thousands of private and public customers, including variable parameters, pricing, etc., depending on a given tariff. Our solution is equipped with extensive analytical functions, supports new investments planning, meter integration and management, network and connection arrangement as well as many other functions.

Solution benefits:

  • Concurrent issuing of thousands of invoices with maximum precision, including individual terms and tariffs
  • Flexibility: feature-rich solution with the ability to greatly expand functionality
  • Full SAP integration
  • Designed basing on industry knowledge and customer business needs

Hicron stands out not only due to its knowledge of the energy industry, but also due to its competence level in designing custom, even with the most complicated SAP system extensions.

Paweł Szczepaniak, IT Department Head Manager, DUON SA