Document Management System based on SAP Fiori:

Hicron DMS Cockpit is a document management system that provides, in integration with SAP, easy and fast access to documents stored in various places of the SAP system (also in SAP PM and SAP RE-FX). It allows users to build a tree structure of all documents used in the company, indicating links to the place of their storage.

In this way, searching and managing documents (copying, sending, editing, adding, etc.) is simpler and faster than ever before. Thanks to SAP Fiori technology, its intuitive interface and the view personalisation option with access to most frequently used structures greatly improve the convenience of use.

Thanks to Hicron DMS Cockpit, thousands of documents are stored in a transparent and very orderly manner. Moreover, they are very easy to access, e.g., by means of elaborate search functions based on tags and defined criteria.

Functionalities of Hicron DMS Cockpit:

  • Access to all documents stored in the SAP system from the level of one application (browser, mobile device), including SAP PM and SAP RE-FX modules
  • Visualisation of documents according to the tree structure
  • View personalisation option
  • Document management: searching on the basis of defined criteria, sending links to files, scanning, downloading, reading, filtering, copying, adding
  • Multi-page scanning and the possibility of adding a scanned document automatically to its intended location in the SAP system
  • Search criteria: according to areas, buildings, type of document, intended use of the document, business entity
  • Support of various document formats: graphic files, text files, PDF, presentations, etc.
  • Rules of granting authorisations to access documents in accordance with authorisations in the SAP system

Benefits of Hicron DMS Cockpit:

  • CLARITY: introduction of file naming rules (as an element of the project)
  • SPEED: immediate access to the requested document
  • SIMPLICITY: easy access to documents
  • INTUITIVENESS: friendly SAP FIORI interface
  • INTEGRATION: access to electronic documents from one place
  • SAFETY: access to documents according to authorisations in the SAP system
  • COST EFFICIENCY: lower costs of work with regard to searching for and managing documents

Video about Hicron DMS Cockpit:

Watch the video about Hicron DMS Cocpkit and see how fast and intuitive you can use our solution.