Solution description:

Hicron Invoices Workflow is designed to automate purchase invoice flow as well as other intra-organisational documents. It is based on the SAP Fiori solution. Its functionalities include email notifications, escalation, aggregate information about outstanding tasks (e.g. at end-of-month runs), electronic document flow, manual or automated accounting with error handling, work-flow administration, documents for approval (with description) preview. The graphical user interface is highly customisable and can be modified to satisfy customer’s requirements.  

Solution benefits:

  • Automation, organisation and acceleration of the document approval process
  • Lower administrative costs, higher process efficiency
  • Minimisation of error risk/number of documents lost somewhere in the flow
  • Available for mobile devices
  • Support for OCR system integration, electronic invoice archive access and service.

Thanks to Hicron Invoices Workflow, users save time necessary for the full invoice cycle and approval, thus minimising number of possible process errors.

Paweł Polański, Solution Architect, Hicron