Solution description:

In accordance with Ministry of Finance regulations from July 2016, specific companies are obliged to transfer tax data in electronic form, by means of a Unified Control File. Considering companies that use SAP system we have prepared a solution which generates and sends the file in an automated manner, technical audit service as well as SAP customisation to fit new reporting requirements in fields such as accounts, bank statements, tax revenue and expense ledgers, revenue accounting, warehouse, VAT purchase and sales accounting, VAT invoices.

JPK Hicron benefits:

  • SAP integration facilitating fast and automatic data fetch and creation of Unified Control File, including ability to view file’s history
  • Ability to quickly expand the system to handle subsequent files
  • Low costs of implementation, operation and maintenance of the solution
  • JPK package includes: technological and system analysis, implementation, tests, user training programme, joint generation of first Unified Control Files (test runs).

HICRON JPK implementation was almost unnoticeable to us, and each and every Unified Control File upload has been completed without any problem.

Anna Serafin, Chief Accountant, WAGO