SAP and POS based on Fiori – a perfect combination for the RETAIL industry.


Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, the work of a salesman nowadays is much faster and more efficient than ever before. However, the large number of devices, IT systems, applications, and forms that need to be used involves too much time for the sales employee for office activities.

The SAP system in combination with the POS application allows you to minimize the number of supported systems, focusing the salesman’s attention on his main task: sales.

Hicron POSBox is a complete solution for retail. It supports sales service at checkout points, giving access to all information in the central SAP system. The solution has two user functions: POSterminal and ShopManager, with different permissions.

The solution’s functions can be individually adapted and modified to the internal needs of the organization. For example, the modification process may include the following areas:

  • sales (receipt, invoice)
  • warehouse operations
  • cash operations
  • daily and operational reports
  • complaints
  • store supply (order, delivery, receipt)
  • master data management.



The combination of the SAP system with a mobile application allows for much more efficient operation. At the same time, it prevents obstacles caused by too many non-integrated technologies on the seller’s path.

The SAP system with the POS mobile application based on Fiori allows minimizing the number of devices and systems supported by sales employees. Regardless of the number of employees, sales points, as well as the physical location of their work.



  • By supporting sales processes in the store and outdoor, the POS application gives access to current data saved in the SAP central system: current promotions, customer data, and the status of his orders, inventory.
  • Application connection with the SAP central system is two-sided: sales transactions saved on the device are saved in the system, product reservations for a given customer are immediately displayed in the central system.
  • Reporting work results, as well as sales forecasts, can be done directly from a mobile device, without creating additional sheets in Excel. The POS solution is well prepared for working offline. The results are automatically saved on the device, and then as soon as the Internet connection is restored, in the SAP central system.



  • Extremely friendly and intuitive interface simplifies the work of new employees, allowing you to quickly familiarize yourself with the application. SAP in conjunction with the POS solution based on Fiori can support commercial networks supporting an unlimited number of sellers, depending on the performance of the central system.


Benefits of implementing Hicron POSBox:

  • Improvement of business processes in companies of the retail industry.
  • Verification and acceleration of sales processes.
  • Optimization and improvement of the business decision-making process.
  • Increasing the level of organization and order of warehouse stocks.
  • Improving the company’s financial and warehouse liquidity.
  • Increasing analytical capabilities.


Hicron POSBox is seemingly small system solutions that can have a significant impact on improving the ergonomics of work in a company. Our proprietary solution can be tailored to the individual needs of your company. If you have questions about its functionality, would like to see a demo of a solution or have an idea to improve other processes based on workflow – we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to arrange an online consultation.





WHAT IS SAP FIORI and what are its benefits?

  • Fiori is a set of SAP applications designed based on the latest UX (User Experience) practices. It helps users’ easy and quick access to key data contained in the system, thus making their work more comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Includes a set of easy-to-personalize online preconfigured features available from a single application.
  • Enables access to other SAP systems through a responsive and ergonomic interface.
  • Facilitates access to data – the application is operated not only from a computer but also via mobile devices: smartphones or tablets.



  • The interface can be adapted to the needs of the end-user.
  • High data security.
  • Transparency of activities in the system.
  • Increased productivity by simplifying business process support.
  • Access to resources from virtually any device.
  • No need to enter data manually, and consequently reduce the number of errors.
  • Lower employee training costs.




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