Solution description

Hicron System Monitoring Tool is provided to all our customers as part of the system administration service. The solution enables the automatic detection of any system threat that could endanger the system’s work. Detection is performed by monitoring if the system efficiency threshold values are exceeded. Hicron creates alerts integrated with the ticketing system. These alerts are subsequently passed to the service team for analysis and daily monitoring report preparation. The solution is provided within the SAP BASIS service and is charged on a service request handling basis.

Constant improvements

The solution Hicron System Monitoring Tool was created in 2016 and is successfully used in administration of SAP systems in cooperation with Hicron clients. Since 2016 Hicron has implemented many essential improvemnts which guarantee even better quality of SAP administration. Its new features are helpful in detecting potential threats to stability and safety of SAP systems’ work.  Among HSMT features there are:

  • classification of the types of short dumps – a large number of a certain type of short dump may indicate problems in system working. HSMT helps to monitor its number
  • automations – it helps to find certain information regarding ways of dealing with certain errors in our internal Knowledge Base with speeds up work
  • prioritatization of events – thanks to which Hicron and clients can categorise incidents basing on their importance

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Solution benefits


efficient and stable work of SAP systems, multi-layer system monitoring


costless solution integration, administrative costs reduction, high value of business availability factor


automated, fast issue processing, cyclical reports


potential threat information



Going by the prevention-is-better-than-cure principle, we are able to anticipate the symptoms of availability problems and react to them before they arise

Michał Sarna, BASIS manager

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