Solution description:

Hicron WM Mobile facilitates the performance of warehouse operations away from the computer workstation, directly inside the warehouse, by using mobile terminals integrated with the SAP system. The mobile application can handle all key operations related to receiving deliveries and stock deployment, shipping from the warehouse, inter- and intra-warehouse shipments. Our solution is designed for all those companies that pay attention to fast, automatic execution of warehouse operations and error minimisation.

WM Mobile implementation benefits:

  • Speed: operations performed away from the workstation, integration with SAP
  • Precision: error minimisation, precise information about storage location that translates to benefits for the whole division, logistics, production and production planning
  • Flexibility: ability to choose functions available on the device, used in the warehouse or in the storage area, no need to own SAP WM module
  • Communication with SAP carried out on-line through wireless network and on-line.