Legacy Update – a remedy for outdated solutions

There are many signs of outdated software or solution. Slow performance, frequent crashes, excessive hardware usage, difficulties with adding new features or simply not keeping up with your business needs – there are but a few of them. If you are dealing with such complications, that means your system needs an update.

Legacy” refers to the code of an application or an IT solution that is outdated, unnecessarily complicated or heavily bugged. “Update” means refactoring of code in a controlled, careful way, dividing the application into smaller pieces and then making it work faster, better and more efficient without affecting the software as a whole.

Your goal should be to have your application in a state in which it works efficiently while addressing all your business needs. Our goal is to bring your application to that state.

Benefits of updating Legacy solutions

Dealing with Legacy solution causes a lot of problems – with maintenance, development, costs and efficiency. Depending on your application, Legacy Update can:

  • reduce the cost of maintaining the solution,
  • makes it easier to add new features,
  • reduce or eliminate occurring errors,
  • provide a new, responsive UI, that can be adapted to any device,
  • enable migration to the cloud, or use of microservices infrastructure,
  • improve UX,
  • optimize the application, thus making it faster and more responsive,
  • modernize your solution and make it address current and future business needs.

Legacy Update is a more comfortable solution than adapting the software to new needs or features. Technology changes fast, each new version is faster, more efficient, does more, which makes the IT solution get old quickly. Often it is cheaper and faster to refactor the code or even write it anew, instead of trying to make it work with new features or to fulfill new tasks. DSS-Hicron will conduct an audit of your solution and suggest you the best solution (that will suit your budget plan).

Legacy Update services

The range of services provided as part of Legacy Update depends on the application of the customer and their business needs. Engineers from DSS-Hicron always start with performing an audit of the current solutions. The next step is to plan the best approach to the update. It can be, among the others, for example:

  • refactoring the code of your solution or writing the code anew,
  • rewriting the application’s code for the newer technologies (for example from SQL2005 to SQL2016),
  • planning a migration to more advanced technologies (for example: from .NET Framework to .NET Core).

Depending on the business needs and goals, Legacy Update can be used to implement a new architecture of the system. Such approach allows us to benefit from the cloud solutions – for example by moving from monolith to microservices or to service-oriented architecture).

Cooperation with us always starts with customer describing their business needs, expectations and plans for future system development. That business insight is much more valuable than looking only at the code. In that way, we can present a few options of Legacy Update, and suggest the best one for the customer – meeting all their requirements, and also creating an additional, business value.

Why work with DSS-Hicron?

We are partners, not vendors or contractors. That is why we are cooperating with you in creating value for your business. We never give you only one solution, instead we will always strive to propose many suggestions, so you can choose the one that is not only the best, but also the most available for you. We are putting a lot of pressure on getting to know your business first – so we can give you exactly what will help your company grow.

Contact us if you want to know:

  • how to improve the performance of your application?
  • what can be done in terms of Legacy Update?
  • how to maintain the best your monolithic application?
  • what is our Technical Radar?
  • if your application has to be written anew, or can it be optimized?
  • how to give up the infrastructure costs by adopting the cloud?
  • what to do when your current solutions do not address your business needs?

Our experts have all the answers you need!


By upgrading customer’s solution DSS-Hicron secured business continuity and decreased in one of the cases time-to-market by 83%.

Marcin Połulich, Digital Software Services Manager