Solution description:

Hicron Predictive Marketing is a prognostic marketing tool designed to manage post-sales services in the automotive market. Our tool provides dealers and importers with an ability to increase post-sales services revenue thanks to offer personalisation. The offer is being prepared based on information aggregated with the help of the DriveApp application, which is connected to the vehicle. DriveApp shows personalised offers created and approved by the dealer/importer based on various prognoses obtained by means of specialised algorithms.

Dealer benefits:

  • Revenue increase due to creation of personalised offers for customers
  • Ability to plan and execute directed marketing campaigns, ability to implement preventive MOT certificate tests basing on a large statistical and diagnostic collected dataset
  • Better understanding of customer’s purchase habits
  • Capacity to segment customer market in a more productive way
  • Direct contact with the customer by means of an application.

Driver benefits:

  • In order for the application to become attractive to end users, they have been provided with the following benefits:
  • Basic vehicle diagnostic information
  • Hints about economical driving and training mode lower fuel consumption
  • Additional dashboard ability to add and track car parameters not available on the standard dashboard
  • Direct contact with the dealer/garage option of direct contact by means of application, e.g. concerning problems detected by the diagnostic system
  • Access to personalised offers.