Solution description:

Product & Car Configurator is an application designed to support sales, facilitating product design by the customer. The design process takes place in the web portal. Our application can be used by the end buyer, dealer or importer, depending on the company business type that implements the Configurator. The whole process uses data available in the SAP system and allows for a 3D visualisation of the product in design. This solution works incredibly well for items such as cars, trailers, boats, machines, furniture, and other products producers/dealers, whose customers can define the product they want by themselves.

Configurator benefits:

  • Accuracy: correct configuration based on characteristics described in the SAP system
  • Sales: ability to create an order by the customer themselves, ability to check the price and the product availability date
  • Image: novelty, ease of use, graphical user interface customisation, 3D product visualisation
  • Flexibility: option to enrich the solution with additional features.