Solution description:

We know that in business reliability is a key, which is why Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance to us. Our specialists watch over every line of code so that each element of a solution or application works flawlessly and supports the customer’s key business processes day-by-day.

We realize, that some applications miss that part, which can result in lower performance, worse usability, compatibility, even security… We fill that gap by offering Testing with Quality Assurance Mindset to already existing solutions or applications designed by other Service Partners. Our services include all types of tests: from unit tests, integration tests to automated functional tests, as well as performance and load tests.

Quality Assurance Testing is also an integral part of our services: Product Design and Software Development. In case a project is conducted with our support, we always stand for Testing as a part of the project.

Benefits of cooperation:

  • Costs & Revenues: we avoid expensive system failures and aim at reaching the customer’s business goal by keeping the application working perfectly
  • Quality: a guarantee of product security, usability, performance, and compatibility
  • Reliability: focus on a customer’s business goal throughout the project

The possibility of outsourcing QA & Testing enables us to provide the highest quality without investing in niche competences within the organization.

Szymon Włochowicz, Digital Software Services Manager