Solution description:

CRM solutions support the entire cycle of sales, marketing and maintenance processes related to customer service. These solutions, while integrating the functions of data acquisition, planning and quotation, work very well in big companies with distributed structures and substantial sales teams, where access to information and its ongoing update are essential. We offer implementation and integration of two types of SAP solutions: on-premise CRM and in-cloud C4C, including business processes analysis, comparison of both types of solutions, and an aid in choosing an option appropriate for a given company, depending on particular priorities.

Why Hicron?

  • Long standing, international experience in sales, trade, marketing and maintenance solution implementation depending on preferences
  • Experience in SAP CRM solution implementation in a role of Central Business Partner
  • Customisation depending on the industry requirements as well as customer preferences
  • Integration both with ERP as well as external systems
  • Dedicated team of consultants and programmers specialising in CRM.

For our CRM project we were looking for a company with a proper competence level which would carry the implementation out according to a methodology widely approved for this type of project. Hicron fully satisfied our expectations.

Marek Pytowski, ERP Systems Team Manager, PCC Centrum Teleinformatyki S.A.