SAP FSM (Field Service Management) redefines the concept of Customer service in a situation where service repairs are required, introducing a solution which assists in managing the failure reporting process in a comprehensive manner: on the part of the customer – providing them with an intuitive application for contact with Customer Service; on the part of the serviceman – delivering a platform for notification management, its execution and assessment of effectiveness. The solution has been designed in line with Customer Experience principles. Apart from increased satisfaction on the part of the Customer, acceleration and simplification of the process of reporting a repair need, transparency of reports, and higher accuracy of analyses with regard to the quality of Customer service are the basic benefits of using the solution from the perspective of a company implementing it.


How does it work?

On the part of the Customer: in case of a failure, a customer uses his/her phone to scan the QR code or barcode on the device which needs to be repaired. He/she goes to a website at which they can automatically submit a service request, arrange a visit with a technician or order a damaged part, avoiding the necessity to call the helpline, send an email or search for a serviceman on their own. It is also possible to place an instruction for independent repair of a defect and fault in the application or to contact the technical team on a remote basis.

The process connected with service is very clear, providing a customer with precise information on what stage of the process they are in, what options of repair and communication with the service department are possible, when and how the repair will be conducted. From the moment of submitting the service request, customers can view the request status on their telephone.

On the part of Customer Service: contact with the Customer is much simpler and more transparent, allowing repairs to be executed faster. Furthermore, the number of queries sent directly to a consultant is lower due to the possibility of repairing a defect on one’s own. The SAP FSM solution enables one to prepare a checklist for Customer Service workers or technicians, making the repair process easier.


Elements of the solution

Depending on the type of business rendering repair and maintenance services, different elements of the SAP Field Service Management solution can be applied, increasing the speed and effectiveness of the customer service process:

  • Crowd Service – making the platform accessible to servicemen for taking up service notifications by workers in the field. The platform works by analogy with the Uber solution. The priorities are the defect repair time, accessibility of tools and the technician’s specialization.
  • Field Service Analytics, Reports&Dashboard – analytical solutions allowing one to assess quality in an effective and ongoing manner, with regard to the customer’s needs.
  • Customer Self-Service – a portal for communication with service and a knowledge base in one. A Customer expecting assistance scans the code, moving to the portal with information about the product and equipment, an instruction manual, contact to a serviceman and a lot of other information.
  • Field Service Knowledge Management – a platform for Customer Service workers and technicians, constituting a knowledge base. It may be equipped with checklists of tasks to be performed.
  • Work Order Management Software – a solution which enables one to determine where to quickly acquire missing parts, useful for Crowd Service field servicemen.
  • Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software – a tool for management of notifications and delegating staff members to take up particular service notifications
  • Mobile Field Service Management Software & App – an application for servicemen for remote management and execution of the repair process (access to customer data, details and history of repairs)
  • Integrations and Cloud – depending on preferences, a solution which is accessible in the cloud and as SaaS. It also works offline on mobile devices
  • Security and GDPR – compliance with the GDPR


For what companies?

SAP FSM aims at enhancing the entire sphere connected with service management, simplification of service processes, as well as acquisition of opinions and assessments of service operations. The solution meets the requirements of all companies which guarantee service of devices to business partners, subcontractors and customers (individual or business) or which intermediate in the process of assigning a serviceman:

  • equipment rental shops (e.g. building equipment, household appliances, vehicles)
  • service providers (e.g. car washes, public laundries)
  • equipment distributors (e.g. slot machines, drink machines etc., printers)
  • insurance companies




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