The SAP company has redefined the concept of Customer service in situations requiring repair service, introducing the SAP FSM solution and a dedicated application for reporting defects and faults. The solution has been designed in line with Customer Experience principles. Apart from increased satisfaction on the part of the Customer, acceleration and simplification of the process of reporting a repair need, transparency of reports, and higher accuracy of analyses with regard to the quality of Customer service are the basic benefits of using the solution from the perspective of a company implementing it.


How does it work?

In case of a failure, a customer uses his/her phone to scan the QR code or barcode on the device which needs to be repaired. He/she goes to a website at which they can automatically submit a service request, arrange a visit with a technician or order a damaged part, avoiding the necessity to call the helpline, send an email or search for a serviceman on their own. It is also possible to place an instruction for independent repair of a defect and fault in the application or to contact the technical team on a remote basis.

The process connected with service is very clear, providing a customer with precise information on what stage of the process they are in, what options of repair and communication with the service department are possible, when and how the repair will be conducted. From the moment of submitting the service request, customers can view the request status on their telephone.


Functions of the solution

  • possibility of submitting a service request from the level of mobile device (after scanning the QR code, serial number or other identifier)
  • possibility of viewing a request status by the customer and of contacting the serviceman
  • while designing the application: possibility of indicating forms of solving a given technical problem (depending on the type of device and complexity of the problem): independent solution, remote technical support, calling the service on a determined date
  • chat option
  • integration with the solution allowing one to gather and analyse data, which allows one to assess the effectiveness of the customer service department
  • option of self-service portal with access to data on serviced devices (serial number, history of repairs, repair status, location of devices, technician contacts, data on warranty and installation, etc.)
  • alerts signalling a change in the request status


For what companies?

The solution meets the requirements of all companies which guarantee customers (individual or business) the service of devices, or who mediate in the process of assigning a serviceman:

  • equipment rental shops (e.g. building equipment, household appliances, vehicles)
  • service providers (e.g. car washes, public laundries)
  • equipment distributors (e.g. slot machines, drink machines etc., printers)
  • insurance companies